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How To Make Cheap Calls To Jamaica With Otubio?

Otubio makes use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to connect calls. To call Jamaica, download the Otubio app and sign up. After you have signed up, you can make calls to Jamaica directly from the Otubio app. You can access your contact list from the app. To call friends and family in Jamaica, simply select the contact and click the dial button.

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Why is Otubio the best for Calling Jamaica?

Otubio is your best option for making cheap calls to Jamaica, because we use premium quality connections to terminate your calls. When you make a call, your Caller ID is fully delivered. You may have noticed that with some providers, when you make calls to Jamaica, the recipient always asks why it is showing a local number. With Otubio, you do not have to worry about that. Your Caller ID is displayed everytime and your family will always know you are the one calling.

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Why do Jamaican Customers love Otubio?

Our Jamaican Customers love Otubio because we offer the best value service to Jamaica. The calls to Jamaica are clear and cheap. There are no hidden fees and they get what they pay for.

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What People Are Saying

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Agape Thompson

"I started using Otubio when my previous app started dropping my calls. I am actually surprised with the call quality that Otubio provides. The calls are clear and loud. Their rate is also very good. Highly recommended."

Otubio.com - Star Rating for cheap calls
Otubio.com - Jamaican Flag
Arley Thomas

"OMG, Otubio is Cheap. With $5, i am able to talk as much as i want with my mum. My only suggestion is that Otubio should consider introducing packages. Maybe like unlimited minutes to Jamaica for a certain amount. I would definitely sign on if you guys introduce this package."

Otubio.com - Rating for good quality calls to Jamaica
Otubio.com - Jamaican Flag

"Best calling card provider i have used in a while. Been using several providers for the last 10 years and they always dissapoint after a while. SO far, Otubio has allowed me to call family in Jamaica with clear calls so i'm satisfied."

Otubio.com - Rating for good rates to Jamaica
Otubio.com - Jamaican Flag

"I call Abuja at least three times a week with the Otubio app. I am really impressed at how clear the calls are."

Otubio.com - Rating for excellent call quality to Jamaica


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