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Otubio offers special calling packages to Nigeria that are separate from the pay as you go plan. With the Nigeria Special Packages Plan, customers get cheap call deals to Nigeria. To take advantage of this package, simply sign up. The package enables customers to save even more on their calls to Nigeria. Plans automatically renew unless subscriber cancels. Customers can cancel at any time. By signing up, Customers agree to abide by Otubio terms and conditions - Nigeria Flag for cheap calls Nigeria 200 Minutes Plan - $15

Get 200 Minutes to Nigeria for $15
30 Day Validity
Cancel Anytime

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For the best and cheapest calling plans to Nigeria, look no further than Otubio
Otubio uses premium providers to connect calls to Nigeria. As a result, users are able to get their Caller ID displayed. You get competitive rates with excellent quality.When you call Naija Phones, you hear the Caller Tunes, so you know for sure that the call connected

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