International Calling Rates

Otubio provides extremely low rates for calling several international destinations worldwide. Customers are able to get good quality calls at low rates. International calling has never been so much clearer and cheaper at the same time. Some of the destinations our customers have awesome calling rates and clear call quality to include: India, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore etc. We offer great rates to over 160 countries so register now and start calling.

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PrefixTalktimeRate per minute(USD)
+9374112 minutes0.0446
+937251 minutes0.0975
+937951 minutes0.0975
+93729 minutes0.1717
+937755 minutes0.0908
+937655 minutes0.0908
+937355 minutes0.0909
+937855 minutes0.0909
+937073 minutes0.0687
+9332 minutes0.1581
+937532 minutes0.1586