Otubio Mobile VOIP App

Download Otubio

To sign up for Otubio, simply download the app from the Itunes Store or the Google Play store. Once downloaded, you can sign up and start making cheap international calls.

Add Credits

The Otubio app makes it very easy to load call credit. You can add credits right from the app or sign in to your account online and add credits.

Share Credits

If you have a friend or family member that wants to use the app and is unable to add call credit either because they do not have funds or can't simply add credit, you can help them out. Simply add credit to your account, click on transfer credit in the app, and send them credit from your account. It's that easy.

Free Calls

You can make free calls to anyone in any country. Simply ask the person to download the Otubio app and you'll be able to communicate with them for free. To make free calls, both the caller and recipient need internet access. If there is no internet access, you can still use the Paid Calls feature with extremely cheap international rates.

Unlimited Call Plans

You can sign up for unlimited international calling plans right from the app. For customers who call frequently, the pay as you go plan may not be sufficient, so the unlimited plans are available. You can sign for several plans such as unlimited calling to Nigeria, India, Bangladesh etc.

Earn Call Credits

You can earn free call credits directly from the Otubio app. Simply click on earn credit and you will be presented with you referral code. Share your referral code via email, text, twitter, and facebook. Once the person reffered signs up and enters the code, you will get your referral bonus.


You can send free chats to your contacts via Otubio. To send chats, both the sender and recipient must have Otubio downloaded and running.