To use Otubio, all you need is access to a cellphone or land line. The Otubio App, on the other hand requires a smartphone with either cellular connection or Wi-Fi connection and can be downloaded from the app store or play store.


To start using Otubio services, the user is required to set up an online account. All new users require verification prior to first use. Upon registering, you will get a confirmation message via text on your cellphone. You will also get a verification code that is required to register your account. Please ensure to list your actual cellphone number as the verification code will be sent as a text message to this number. To get an account, you need :

  • A cellphone number
  • An email address

Download Otubio

Download the Otubio app from the Apple Store or from the Google Play store. You can sign up either from the Otubio website or through the app. You can also add credit to your account through the app or via your account login page online.

Using Otubio App

Our Otubio app simplifies the entire calling process. You no longer need to remember long numbers. You can simply dial directly from your contact list. The Otubio app uses either Wi-Fi or cellular connection so you can always reach family and friends. To make a call, simply open the Otubio app, select the contact you want to dial from your contact list and dial away. Please note, in order to ensure that your numbers are dialed correctly, please store your international contacts with the international prefixes or simply add the + sign. For example, if you have a contact that lives in the UK and the person’s number is 11111111. We know that the international prefix for the UK is 44. As a result, when saving this contact in your phone, you should save the number this way: +4411111111.

Checking Call Rates

Our call rates are publicly displayed. We do not charge any hidden or connection fees unless otherwise explicitly stated for certain promotional call cards. To check our rates just visit RATES

Refer a Friend

Otubio has a reward program for our customers. For every new customer you refer that signs up with at least $10, you will get a referral bonus. You can refer as many friends as you want and keep earning bonuses. In order to start referring friends, you have to be a registered customer with at least a minimum initial call credit of $5 on your account.

Call/Usage History

Each customer has access to their call history and can check to see the numbers last dialed. Log into your account, click on usage history and you will be able to see called numbers, call duration, and the rate per minute for the calls.