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Unlimited International Calls To Nigeria

Make high quality calls to friends and family all over Nigeria

  • Talk As Much As You Want
  • Caller ID Is Available Always So Your Family Knows It's You Calling
  • Unbeatable Sound Quality
  • Otubio.com - Nigeria Flag Unlimited Calls To Naija - $50

  • Make unlimited calls to Nigeria for $50
  • Talk for as long as you want
  • Plan is Valid For Five (5) Days. Does Not Rollover
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    Cheap International Calling To Nigeria

    Get unlimited calling to Nigeria with the best quality available. Otubio lets you reach your contacts anywhere in Nigeria. Make calls to friends and family in Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Oyo, Rivers, Enugu etc. Call quality is unrivalled. With Otubio, there are no dropped calls or interruptions. Enjoy excellent quality service with Caller ID

    Caller ID

    Are you having issues calling family in Nigeria? Do they complain that whenever you call, your number displays a local Nigerian number? Well this is because your current app/provider is using low quality connection services. Otubio uses premium connections and ensures your Caller ID is displayed all the time. This ensures that whenever you call, your friends and family will answer the call because your Caller ID will be displayed.

    Pinless Calls To Nigeria

    Otubio makes it super easy to call Nigeria. The App lets you call directly from your contact lists. Still using old fashioned calling cards with long pin numbers? Otubio eliminates that hassle by allowing you to call directly from your phone. You no longer have to remember phone numbers or pin numbers. Make pinless calls to Nigeria directly from your phone. Otubio makes calling Nigeria super easy.