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Posted on January 23, 2019 by Otubio

Make International calls without using internet data

Considering how expensive data plans and overages can get, it is no wonder why people seek Android apps that do not use the internet to connect their international calls. These apps make use of the phones native dialer to connect the call through an Access Number.

The Access numbers are usually local numbers so you do not incur additional charges provided you have an unlimited local calling plan. By using access numbers, these android apps help you save money since you are not calling the international number directly through your cell phone provider. The access number serves as an pass-through source that connects your calls. Basically, you will only incur the cost of calling the local access number. Most people have unlimited calling plans nowadays so the cost of calling the local access number is essentially free.

There are several android apps on the Google Play Store that claim to make international calls without using the internet but only a few actually live up to the task. We will examine the top performing android apps for international calling without internet.

Otubio - Otubio logo

The Otubio android app allows you to make international calls without using up your data or wifi internet. When you make a call with Otubio, the call is automatically routed through a local access number that then connects the call. Even though the call connects via a local access number, call quality is still maintained due to the use of high efficiency calling codecs. The Otubio Android App is available on the Google playstore and provides a cheap way of making international calls without using data/internet. Unlike other apps like Skype, Whatsapp, and Viber that require the internet to call numbers, Otubio gives you the flexibility to choose between using the internet or calling via local access numbers.

Rebtel - Rebtel logo

Rebtel is an international calling app also available on android. It offers users the ability to call international numbers without using the internet. The app gives you the option to choose calling through phone lines or data. According to a report on Business Insider, Rebtel offers a free app to app calling service that does not require internet. This service is not available in all countries.

Boss Revolution - Boss revolution logo

Boss Revolution app, owned by IDT is an android app that also provides the option to call without using data. The app saves a local area number on the cell phone and uses this number to make the call.

There are several other android apps on the playstore but the ones listed above are currently the most reliable way to make international calls without using data. This list will be updated if more reliable apps are tested on the android market.

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