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Posted on January 22, 2019 by Otubio

Best places to purchase calling cards

Calling cards have always been very important to people that consistently make phone calls. While the demand for calling cards has always been higher among the international community, several domestic uses of calling cards are also available.

Calling cards ensure that immigrants do not end up with expensive phone bills when attempting to call their families and loved ones in their various countries. Although calling cards are generally cheaper than calling directly through cell phone providers, there are usually characterized by low quality calls and deceitful call practices. Now, not all calling cards are fraudulent, a vast majority still offer customers a good experience.

Gas Stations

If looking to purchase a calling card, a gas station is usually the most convenient and fastest means of getting one. There are usually gas stations scattered all over neighborhoods which makes them very accessible. Most gas stations sell pre-paid calling cards as well as international calling cards although they tend to stock more domestic calling cards. If looking specifically for International calling cards, a local international store would be a better option.

Local International Grocery Store

Most immigrant communities typically have a local shop/store where they buy groceries and other materials not readily available in big box retail stores. Some of these stores could be African, Asian, or Caribbean stores. They typically stock all types of calling cards since the vast majority of their customers are immigrants that call their respective origin countries often. If looking for a reliable calling card, simply ask the store owner or clerk. They will typically tell you which calling cards have great quality and rates to your destination because they have a vested interest in most of these cards. They tend to get a percentage of the sales of these cards so they will typically want repeat customers.

Convenience/Retail Stores

Large retail stores such as Kroger, H.E.B, Fiesta Mart, CVS, and Walgreens also stock calling cards. Like local gas stations, they mostly carry domestic pre-paid calling cards although some Fiesta Mart stores have segments that stock international calling cards. Most immigrants prefer international calling cards to the domestic pre-paid cards since they get more call minutes from them.

If strictly making international calls, your best place to buy calling cards would be at the local international store.

Online Stores

Although calling cards have always been known to be physical cards, they are now readily available online and offer a quick and convenient way to make international calls. There are several online stores that sell calling cards so it would be a futile effort to list them all. A google search for calling cards yields multiple online shopping options to choose from. Several of these companies also have mobile apps that function just like calling cards and basically eliminate the need to purchase one.

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