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Posted on January 24, 2021 by Otubio

Make WIFI Calls using your phone number

There are several reasons why people choose to make phone calls over WIFI. Some of those reasons include poor network coverage, lack of call minutes, and unavailable network service. By far, the most common reason is poor network coverage. Even though most of the major phone carriers have significant network coverage, there are still some areas that do not receive adequate coverage. Most of the major carriers like Tmobile, Verizon, and AT&T often have a network coverage map on their websites that you can easily use to see if you have strong network coverage in your area. For network coverage, see: Tmobile Map, Verizon Map, AT&T Map.

While the three major networks offer their own version of WIFI calling, there are still several network providers that do not offer WIFI calling on their networks. This leads people with poor network connections with no choice than to look for alternative wifi calling options. Otubio allows you to make calls over the internet using your actual phone number. We will discuss how Otubio lets you do this and also discuss some other apps that have similar functionalities.

Otubio - Otubio logo

Otubio is an app that lets you make cheap calls. The Otubio Android App is available on the Google playstore and Apple app store and allows you make wifi calls using your actual phone number. When you download the app, Otubio authenticates your phone number by sending a verification sms to your number. This ensures that no one else can use your number. Also, once verified, you are not allowed to change your number. Your number can only be changed if you re-authenticate. For more information on how Otubio helps make wifi calls using your number please vist


According to this article on CNET, Android Wi-fi calling apps, KakaoTalk is an android app that offers wifi calling from your phone and a host of other functions. The app focuses more on messaging and multimedia chats rather than wifi calling. For more details, visit KakaoTalk.

Google Voice

Google voice has been around for a while now and does offer the opportunity to make wifi calls. It offers similar functionality to most wifi calling apps since the calls are routed via the internet. To learn how to use Google voice to make wifi calls, you may visit Google voice calls over the internet.

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