Best app for buying call credit to Kenya - Jamaica icon Kenya Country Code : +1-254

Posted on November 10, 2019 by Otubio

There are several international calling apps available for buying credit to call Kenya. The problem is that several of these apps are either too expensive, unreliable, or simply do not work at all. Some of the popular apps for calling Kenya include : Rebtel, Toolani, Otubio, Boss Revolution, and Keku. Out of these apps, the best for buying call credit to Kenya is Otubio. Otubio is the best option because you can buy call credit directly from the app either with Paypal or Credit Card. You also have the option to buy call credit to Kenya directly from the Otubio website. Most importantly, Otubio offers the cheapest rates to call Kenya when compared with the competition.

Best app to call Kenya

If you are looking for high quality international calling to Kenya, Otubio offers the best bargain. When you make calls using the app, the call is crisp and there are no dropped calls. The app allows you to call directly from you contact list and requires no pin numbers. This makes the call process efficient and stress free - home phone to call Kenya

How to call Kenya with Otubio

To call Kenya, you will need to know the exit dial code, the Kenya country code, and the destination phone number in Kenya. For the the U.S.A, the exit dial code is 011. The country code for Kenya is 254. Lets say you want to call someone in Kenya with the phone number 854-111-2345, you would enter the number in the following manner: 011-254-876-111-2345. You could also dial the number as +254-876-111-2345.

The method above assumes you are calling a number that you do not already have stored in your phone. If the number is stored in your phone book, simply click on contacts in the Otubio app and you can easily dial the number directly.

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