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Posted on January 28, 2019 by Otubio

Nigeria - fondly referred to as Naija by Nigerians has the largest concentration of black people anywhere in the world. As a result, there is a heavy demand for cheap international calls to Nigeria. Major locations in Nigeria with heavy international call traffic include: Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, and Jos. Several apps and calling cards offer cheap calls to Nigeria. Otubio offers the best value for your money and we will tell you why. For current Otubio rates, please see Otubio Rates - nigeria beach

When looking for low cost alternatives for calling Nigeria, there are several criteria that need to be considered to ensure a pleasant international calling experience. These include :

  • Hidden/Undisclosed Fees
  • Call Quality
  • Caller ID
  • Provider/App Reliability and Reputation

Hidden/Undisclosed Fees

There are several apps or calling cards that claim to offer the cheapest international rates to Nigeria even though most of these claims are false. Some claim to offer rates as low as 3 or 5 cents per minute. The key thing to note is that there are a lot of hidden fees that are added to this "supposed" low rates. For example, a provider may claim to offer rates to Nigeria for 5.5 cents per minute, yet their minimum billing minutes will be 4 minutes.

This means if you make a call to someone in Lagos or Abuja and only speak for 1 minute, they will charge 4 minutes. Your effective rate for this call would be 22 cents. So instead of paying 5.5 cents per minute, you end up paying 22 cents. You can avoid this by opting for providers that offer per minute billing only. Otubio currently charges 9.9 cents per minute and there are no hidden fees so all you pay is 9.9 cents per minute. - hidden fees international calls

Another hidden tactic used is by charging connection fees. Some providers/apps charge connection fees for each call you make. These connection charges add up quickly and effectively end up making your call rate to Nigeria very expensive. When picking cheap options to call Nigeria, make sure you read the terms and conditions. Some providers will also display cheap rates to landlines in Nigeria even though they realize most people call gsm/cellphones in Nigeria. What this achieves is that they are able to show extremely low rates to Nigeria even though their rates to cell phones are way more expensive.

Call Quality

Perhaps the most important criteria when searching for cheap rates to Nigeria is call quality. You do not want to be talking to relatives in Nigeria and have to disconnect and reconnect the call multiple times. Apps that offer these types of ridiculous rates do so because the call quality is abysmal. They tend to use low grade interconnect routes and the call experience is usually subpar. If you want an excellent call experience, opt for apps that allow you to the test the service first. Most reliable apps will allow you test call quality to Nigeria before committing payment. - best quality

Caller ID

Ever tried to call family in Nigeria and they keep asking you if you are currently in the country? The reason this happens is because your Caller ID displays a local Nigerian number so they assume you are in the country. Ever since the Nigerian Communications Commission NCC increased international termination rates to nigeria, several providers have sourced alternatives to lower rates. This resulted in some providers choosing less than ideal termination routes.

These "so-called" cheap routes are often unreliable and display a local nigerian number regardless of where the person making the call is located. This phenomenon is referred to as sim box fraud - a procedure where illegal termination of international calls to Nigeria is performed using multiple sim cards to avoid paying regulated international charges.

Avoid embarrassing calls and unnecessary headaches by simply using reliable international call providers to Nigeria. Sometimes you may have to pay little more to get the quality deserved. - caller id

Provider/App Reliability and Reputation

In your quest to obtain the cheapest international calls to Nigeria, you may have chosen providers in the past that offered unbelievably low rates, only for them to disappear after taking your money. What often happens is that most of these make-shift apps or providers are usually not licensed or registered. When the regulatory authorities find out, they fine them or simply close them down. You do not want to add credit only to realize the provider is no longer operational and your money is gone. When picking cheap call providers to Nigeria, ensure that they are operated by a licensed company. You can search the FCC website to see if the company is duly licensed.

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