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Otubio makes it easy to make cheap calls to friends and family all over the world. Make cheap calls to Nigeria, India, Ghana, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and many more

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Otubio.com - Cheap Calling Packages

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Otubio.com - Cheap Calling Packages

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No need to remember long pin numbers

Otubio.com - Cheap Calling Packages

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Reduced International Phone Bills

  • Pay as you go. No commitments necessary
  • Calls billed in one minute increments
  • No charge, unless receiver answers call
  • Superior call quality with no echo
  • Minutes do not expire

Make Cheap Calls Abroad

  • Otubio uses voip to connect your calls
  • Reach family even when travelling
  • Make calls anywhere in the world
  • Avoid roaming charges and save
  • Works anywhere you have WI-FI
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Excellent Quality With Caller ID

  • Premium quality with Caller ID delivered
  • Receiver always knows who is calling
  • No dropped calls. Direct connections
  • Voice quality is unrivaled
  • Clear HD Quality Sound
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Otubio Customer Reviews

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Tunde Ayeni

"Otubio offers the cheapest and most reliable call service that I have seen so far. Calls to my friends and family are crystal clear and they know it’s me calling because it always displays my caller id number"

Otubio.com - Star Rating for cheap calls
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Aimee Moreau

"Calling my boyfriend in Paris has never been easier. I have no complaints so far."

Otubio.com - Rating for good quality calls to Paris
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Ajay Agarwal

"You can’t go wrong if you are looking for the best pinless service to India. I like the simplicity of the Otubio app and like how it lets me call directly from my contact list"

Otubio.com - Rating for good rates to India
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Ductus Mensah

"One thing I like about Otubio service is that I get an actual ringtone whenever I call Accra. With the other providers I used in the past, sometimes I would get a ringing tone even though the recipient’s phone is switched off. Otubio has put a smile on my face. Thanks Guys."

Otubio.com - Rating for excellent call quality to Ghana


Otubio.com - Bonus credit for referrals

For every new customer you refer that signs up with call credit, you will get a referral bonus. You can refer as many friends as you want and keep earning bonuses for free calls.